History of HA


Paul F, a sober heroin addict in AA, received a phone call on July 26, 2004 from Mike S, a fellow heroin addict. Mike asked Paul, "How come there is no Heroin Anonymous?" At that moment it was decided to start HA so we heroin addicts could have our own fellowship where we could be with others who truly understood our experience with heroin addiction.

On July 28, 2004, Paul and Mike located a place for a meeting and began distributing fliers to all of the heroin addicts they knew in the other 12 step fellowships. They found several sober heroin addicts who were enthusiastic about having their own program.

The first HA meeting was held on Thursday, August 12, 2004 at the Hope House, a half-way house for alcoholics and addicts, at 316 N. 11th Way in Phoenix, Arizona. Present were Paul F, Mike S, Nancy R, Tom M, David T, Rebekah B and Mark T.

In that first meeting, Paul F was elected as the Literature Chairperson and he began writing pamphlets and meeting formats for our fellowship. In no time, more and more HA meetings were being started and Phoenix HA Intergroup was formed on November 11, 2004.

Ever since, HA has grown into a fellowship that spans multiple countries. Thousands of heroin addicts have found sobriety, started new meetings in new places, with new ideas and perspectives. International dialogue is taking place via correspondence, and the fellowship is finding its footing and coming to know itself. Our membership represents a fair cross-section of the population, demonstrating the fact that recovery is available to all, and that we have found a way out that works!  


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