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Past Spotlight Meetings

December 2017

Heroin Anonymous in Schenectady began in April 2016.  Three members were greatly impacted by numerous tragic circumstances in the community; something had to be done.  The Learning to Fly Group opened with an average of four members weekly.  Through the members’ devotion and commitment to “help another addict”, they spread the word like wildfire.  The meeting attendance grew but the meeting place was not easily accessible by public transportation.  The meeting place moved to downtown Schenectady in January of 2017.  It came to be known as The Fix. 

Now, accessible and known to many, the meeting averages 25 members weekly.  The Fix celebrates every addict monthly with our famous celebratory Jell-O Cake!  Many members hold service positions and regularly fellowship with members they have met at the meeting.  Schenectady HA also brings a monthly meeting to Conifer Park Inpatient.  Often, when the patients complete the program at Conifer Park they make their way to their first meeting, The Fix. 

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November 2017

The No Choice Group of Heroin Anonymous first met on September 14, 2015. This was the second HA group in the Capital District. Many community members had not heard of Heroin Anonymous, and were excited to have a group form in Saratoga County.  There was such a need in the community that in June 2017 a second meeting of the No Choice Group was launched.

The No Choice Group meets on Monday from 7-8pm at 624 North Broadway (Unitarian Universalist Congregation), and Saturday from 7-8pm at 125 High Rock Avenue (Healing Springs Recovery Community and Outreach Center).  In our two years as a group, we’ve had the privilege of watching many people return to health and commit to a life of “No More Suffering”.

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October 2017

The All are Welcome Group of HA started June 6, 2017.  Not only was this Troy’s first HA meeting, but also the first HA meeting in Rensselaer County.  Our meeting is held on Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm at St. John's Episcopal Church, 146 1st Street. 

This is an open speaker/discussion meeting with fellow heroin addicts in recovery sharing their experience, strength and hope.  The All Are Welcome Group brings a meeting to the 28 day program in St Mary's Hospital in Troy every Sunday at 7pm.  We are working to bring the message of hope to everyone we can!    

Heroin Anonymous

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Each month we'll be spotlighting a different HA meeting in the Capital District. 

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